Wingstop Flavor Invasion

Wingstop Wings Flavors Wingstop Flavor Invasion Wingstop launches their Flavor Invasion. Get to experience all fourteen flavors of wings! I have a fairly limited wings flavor vocabulary. It’s either spicy or not spicy. So imagine my surprise to know that Wingstop has fourteen (14) flavors of wings available. Here’s a sneak peak on what these flavors are: It […] Continue reading →

Quim’s Cake – More than the Five Million

Quim's Cafe - Chocolate Moist Cake Quim’s Cake – More than the Five Million Remember the Chef that blurted out a promise of five million worth of cakes should Duterte should win? Chef Jack Labang, executive chef of Quim’s Cake and Bakeshop Cafe, simply said what was on his mind on social media and it got seen/shared/commented/bashed by the supporters. He made […] Continue reading →