[Giveaway Alert] Alert Bo’s Coffee Introduces Philippine Origins Coffee Beans

Bo’s Coffee Introduces Philippine Origins Coffee Beans

Bo's Coffee

Did you know that Philippines produces coffee? Not only that, but did you know that Philippines produces the high quality coffee beans called Arabica?.

Steve Benitez - Bo's Coffee Founder

This was one of the things I learned when I attended a mini event hosted by Bo’s Coffee and Steve Benitez (founder / CEO of Bo’s coffee). The brand name of these locally produced Arabica beans were called Philippine Origins.

Bo's Coffee Philippine Origins Coffee

Currently there are four different types of Philippine Origins Coffee (Benquet, Sagada, Mt. Matutum and Mt Kitanglad). Their name reflects the place where the coffee beans were grown and harvested. An interesting fact about these coffee variants is that even though they are Arabica beans, they still have distinct flavors which you can attribute to where they came from.

Bo's Coffee - Event - Coffee Cupping

To elaborate further on the differences, Mr. Steve started a coffee cupping activity. It is like a taste test for coffee where you would judge the coffee based on its aroma (as a bean and as brewed coffee), taste, after taste and many more factors. He told us that in order to do cupping, you should definitely take your time in taking sips of the coffee (e.g. sip it like the Japanese does by making a noisy slurp). Let the coffee fill your mouth and enjoy the feeling before swallowing (don’t gargle it btw). Take note of everything you noticed, drink water to flush your taste buds and repeat with another cup.

Bo's Coffee - Event - Pour Over Method

Bo's Coffee - Event - Pour Over Method Procedure

Each coffee cup that we had was made through the pour over method. It is a manual way of brewing coffee that requires precise measurements for the amount of hot water (e.g. 170ml) and coffee beans (10 grams). A coffee filter is placed inside a V60 cone (similar to a funnel) and this V60 is placed on top of your cup. After adding the grounded coffee beans, hot water is gently poured in a circular motion. This method of brewing would produce an “intense and aromatic cup of coffee” and it is the suggested method when drinking the Philippine Origins Arabica Beans.

Bo's Coffee - Tuna Sandwich

Bo's Coffee - Butterscotch and Revel Bar

After the demo, we were given sandwiches (e.g. tuna, BLT or ham) and desserts (e.g. revel bar and butterscotch) to end the event. I learned a lot during this event and I was amazed to know that Bo’s Coffee is committed to helping our local coffee farmers and our coffee industry. Who knows that with abundant harvests, we will become one of the exporters of Arabica coffee beans that’s proudly grown from the Philippines.

The Philippine Origins Arabica beans are currently available at the following branches: Bonifacio High Street, Glorietta 5, SM Mall of Asia, Newport, Galleria, SM North Edsa, NAIA1, Jupiter Makati, Solenad and Megamall. Although sometimes, some may not be available due to lack of supply. In certain branches, Bo’s Coffee also offers a demo of the pour over method. It is a delight to see how the coffee you are drinking now was made.

Disclosure: Bo’s Coffee paid for our meal

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Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 403-4371

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